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  • Officer Spencer and Pete-LeRoy K9 Unit

    Today, students learned that K-9 officers perform some of the same duties and tasks as standard police officers. They patrol the community to prevent and respond to crimes, perform investigations, locate and arrest perpetrators and guard prisoners. Some of the differences for canine officers come in the form of the …
  • Midwest Food Bank

    Students have volunteered time at the Midwest Food Bank three times this school year. We are proud of their attitude and effort as they worked for the benefit of others. The mission of the food bank is to "alleviate hunger and poverty by gathering and distributing food donations to not …
  • Vocational Education

    Students in Shop Class were assigned the task of creating something out of a 4"x4"x4" piece of wood. Below is one example of the work completed by a 7th grade student.

Calendar of Events

To the right you will find our District Calendar of events, if you have any questions about an upcoming event or our school year, please contact Carla Underhill at 309-962-4303.

Leroy Preparatory Academy

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Success @ the LPA is any day that both the students & staff are actively engaged in the same pursuit.  We can open the doors to opportunity for any child, regardless of their circumstances or disability if they bring a good attitude and put forth effort.